WheelPower’s Podcast (Ep. 01): Self-monitoring with Ms. Jinglu Jiang

We are super excited about the start of our new podcast project. In our channel, we will interview and discuss with different athletes, coaches, and experts in various fields about topics related to endurance sports, with a special focus on running, swimming, cycling, and triathlon. We truly hope you enjoy!

In this first episode, we had the pleasure to interview Ms. Jinglu Jiang. She is a senior Ph.D. candidate at HEC Montreal and also WheelPower’s Technology Advisor. Ms. Jinglu is specialising in personal informatics and received her BA in e-commerce management in China and MSc in management information systems (MIS) from Queen’s University, Canada. A lot of her attention is focused on the supportive role of IT in people’s work and lives, and on the complex interactions between these innovative technologies and humanities. Her current research is on the application and impacts of personal informatics systems as well as on how they can help people collect personal information for the purpose of self-monitoring and self-learning. Ms. Jinglu believes that these systems can enhance people’s knowledge about their performance, behaviours, and lives. She is enthusiastic about exploring the nuances of behavioural and cognitive information and extracting insights from there to make an impact in society.


This episode’s music is by the Brazilian band Desvirtuosos. You can listen to their new album on Spotify using the link below. Check them out. Great band: open.spotify.com/album/3RKsjaXdgPGc5BrzuICKgI