Our Method

Our Method - WheelPower
  • Anamnese


    Questionnaire covering all the important aspects (e.g. personal history of injuries and health problems, general physical profile, fitness level, time availability and current goal) that we need to know to start training you.

  • Goal Settings

    Goal Setting

    Define your goals and learn how to challenge yourself to achieve consistency and self-motivation to improve.

    Download the Goal Setting Short Guide
  • Field test and training zone

    Test and training zone

    Understand your intensity markers and learn more what types of physical tests and protocols you should do to find your training zones.

    Download the Manual of Training Intensity


  • Felipe Leite

    It only took a few sections to notice that wheelpower is the right choice! I haven’t been able to catch up with my training for years, but now I wake up every day with my exercise section right there, on my hands. Every day I can feel the evolution of my work out, always respecting my individuality! Finally, I appreciate the constant feedback that I receive, the material is great and keeps me motivated! Thanks Wheelpower team!

    Felipe Leite

  • Laure S.

    I came to Wheelpower with an impossible challenge: can you help me get through my first ultra, less than two months from now? The course was tough, with lots of elevation gain, the timeframe was short, and there was the added complications of my busy non-running life. The answer was "let's do it!" The coaches put together a program that catapulted me into race-shape and got me across the finish line within my goal time. Their genuine enthusiasm for my progress helped me motivate myself to fit in my runs in my busy schedule, and keep pushing through the workouts where I wanted to quit. Without them, it would have been impossible.

    Laure S.

  • Carole Lucie

    My experience with WheelPower has been amazing so far. I've never had a structured training program for running. I didn't really train for my first half marathon several years ago. When I signed up for my second half-marathon, I looked up some available training programs online from different runners magazines, clubs, and companies, but I didn't feel any of them matched what I needed- I didn't necessarily have the time to run 5 times per week, and I wasn't starting my training from point zero. I ended up not following a training program at all, but I knew that with a marathon coming up a few months away, I would have to find one perfect for me. The team at WheelPower took all my personal factors into account: my availability, my training status, and my goals. They continue to formulate the perfectly tailored training while considering my recovery, and response to the workouts. I've done some types of training I would never have done on my own, and the progression is realistic yet challenging! WheelPower has made my goal of completing a marathon seem less daunting and more attainable than I ever thought, and I'm very thankful for that!

    Carole Lucie