WheelPower Inc. is an online company focused on optimizing endurance training through sports science, data analysis, and technology to deliver a state-of-the-art training system to endurance athletes of all levels. Our idea came from the observation that numerous trainers and online training systems out there claim to use “periodization” (i.e. sports planning) to create a training especially tailored for each client when in reality very few actually do it.

We believe that an optimal planning method (i.e. periodization model) depends on a true effort to general principles of physiological adaptation that can be applied to most of the sports and physical exercises aiming performance improvement: i.e. 1-variation – to avoid plateau, 2-overload – to progressively stress the body, and 3- proper rest – in order to allow for supercompensation of the systems stressed. An excessively repetitive training might lead to stagnation (plateau), while an excessive overload added to a lack of proper rest might lead to overtraining. On the other hand, if the stimuli are not strong enough the body may not supercompensate. To overcome this other problem, we developed a model called WheelPower Reactive Periodization (WRP). WRP comprises many models of periodization to create a unique type of training for endurance sports. WRP was designed to systematically collect, analyze, calculate, and compare performance, physiological, and qualitative data in order to correct or adjust the training according to each athlete’s response and needs.

At WheelPower, we don’t sell training plans. Our goal is to provide guidance and education through a holistic approach to not just improve the athletic performance of our clients but also to make them develop a better understanding of their body and mind, and to stimulate them to learn how their organism adapts to training as a whole.

But we are not only sports scientists, we are also coaches. In fact, our head coach has years of practical coaching and training experience on the top of his scientific background. That means we are aware of the sports science limitations and we also know that it would be naïve of us to neglect the importance of practical experience and coach “intuition”. Thus, WheelPower’s main goal is to bridge the gap between science and practice, mixing the expertise of our team and current technology to bring a cutting edge training system and making it available to any person who is committed to training.

We will make it happen!

WheelPower  Inc.

Founders Team

Dr. Fábio Minozzo (CEO and Co-Founder)

Dr. Minozzo is the visionary behind the WheelPower training system and scores. He is a former fellow researcher with two postdocs at the Research Institute of McGill University Health Centre (RI-MUHC) and has more than 10 years of experience in the field of sports science. He holds a Ph.D in skeletal muscle biophysics (McGill University – Canada), is specialized in Applied Exercise Physiology, and did his BSc in Physical Education and Kinesiology. He is also the author of several scientific publications. Between 1998 and 2007, Dr. Minozzo was a serious amateur triathlete and competed in several events such as IronMan, IronMan 70.3, Olympic and Sprint triathlons, Marathons, open-water swimming and others. He has been coaching swimmers, runners, cyclists, and triathletes of all ages and levels since 2001.


Felipe Almeida, MSc (VP of Marketing and Co-Founder)

Mr. Almeida is the head behind WheelPower Marketing and communication strategy. He is a Ph.D. candidate at HEC Montreal and has most of his experience focused on the neuroscience of consumer behavior, cognitive psychology, and data analysis. His current research is focused on the effect of biofeedback to enhance body awareness and improve decision-making. He has 6 years of experience in the field of consumer behavior and is the author of one book in the field of Neuroscience of Consumer Behavior (in Portuguese). He is also an enthusiast ultra-runner, swimmer, former snowboarder instructor, and former amateur surfer.


Advisors Team

Jinglu Jiang (Technology Advisor)

Mrs. Jiang is a senior Ph.D. candidate at HEC Montreal specialising in personal informatics. She received her BA in e-commerce management in China and MSc in management information systems (MIS) from Queen’s University, Canada. A lot of her attention is focused on the supportive role of IT in people’s work and lives, and on the complex interactions between these innovative technologies and humanities. Her current research is on the application and impacts of personal informatics systems that can help people collect personal information for the purpose of self-monitoring and self-learning to enhances people’s knowledge about their performance, behaviours, and lives. She is enthusiastic about exploring the nuances of people’s behavioural and cognitive information and extracting insights from there to make differences in people’s lives.


Pierre “Red” Beauchamp (Sports Performance Advisor)

Dr. Beauchamp (Sports Psychology, Un. of Montreal) is a former McGill Redmen varsity hockey player, with over thirty-five years of experience as an applied sports performance consultant with both the Canadian Olympic Association and International Olympic Committees competing in the Winter and Summer Olympic Games. Pierre is the President/Founder of Mindroom Peak Sport Performance – an innovative human performance consulting firm that has achieved worldwide recognition through the utilization of cutting-edge sports science technology, decision-training, psychophysiological self-regulation software, and integrated mental toughness training programs to enhance resilience and human performance under pressure. Pierre is also the CEO/Founder of Athlete Readiness Solutions, providing Athlete Readiness & Recovery software for Military, Olympic and Professional Teams.


WheelPower Official Pro/Elite Team


In January 2017 we started a great journey to find six of the best elite/professional endurance athletes that were willing to join the first Official WheelPower Pro/Elite Team. As a new brand in the market, we knew that we would have to look for diamonds yet to be discovered. But we were willing to give them the best and most advanced training they could ever have. We also consider ourselves to be far from our full potential and we knew that we would need athletes just like us, athletes that are great but that have still a lot of potential to be explored. Within a few months we were able to find four out of the six amazing athletes that we were looking for.

DANIEL GEKARA was the first of them. This great Kenyan runner has the spark of a champion and the true spirit of a warrior. Probably one of the most resilient minds that we ever encountered so far, this amazing runner is able to face unimaginable life challenges to run marathons in 2:15, a personal mark that is set to be broken soon.

TATIANA SCHMIDT is our ultra-woman. 65km? 100km? Sure! When she sets a challenge, the distance becomes a motivation and not a barrier for achieving her goals. Her experience and ability to endure physical and psychological effort are priceless but together we are going towards a path of deeper discovery that will unleash her true power and we can’t wait to see all the things she will be able to accomplish.