WheelPower is an online company focused on training efficiency for endurance sports

Our idea came from the observation that several trainers and online training systems out there claim to use "periodization" (i.e. sports planning) to create a training especially tailored for each client, when in reality very few actually do it. But what is an efficient training?

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  • 1. Anamnese
  • 2. Goal Setting
  • 3. Testing and training zone analytics


  • Health

    Personalized training method developed for those that want to start exercising or are willing to improve or maintain their health. It will save your time, money, and will help you to achieve a better quality of life.

  • Precision

    High performance in its core. Advanced endurance training system intended to athletes or people who are committed to training and exercising, and those who seek cutting edge knowledge and guidance to improve their sport performance.

  • Body-Brain System

    The future of endurance training. The ultimate endurance training experience designated to enhance performance by increasing body awareness and emotional control. Made for athletes who seek an avant-garde knowledge that will take them beyond their limits.


  • Fabio Minozzo, PhD

    WheelPower CEO and Head Coach
    Former elite triathlete and amateur runner

  • Felipe Almeida, MSc

    WheelPower VP of Marketing
    Enthusiast Runner and Swimmer


  • Tribay Market


  • Peak Centre


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